What is the assessment of it all?

Our inner world creates the outer

Our vision

That people live happily in the present, instead of only becoming alive when they are dying.

Our mission

Broad knowledge of how we each have the opportunity to live happily in the present, by e.g. to control our nervous system.

Our values

You as a human being are unique and at the center and this in a holistic way. For us humans, bio-psycho-social beings are functioning and placed in a cultural context. The focus is on orderliness, humanity, alignment, add heart and listening not to hear, BUT to understand.

I myself have learned that what is most difficult and requires the most courage is to dare to stop and look at yourself in the mirror, feel your own feelings and just be yourself as you are. It's not for fun, or just because it sounds good that I have chosen this name feature and slogan. It is for the simple reason that I myself have been through several of life's pains. So the wisdom and knowledge I have here, I have no paper on, even though it is the school that has taught me the most: the School of Life.

Today I live things I only before saw in glimpses. My life is full of meaning, fun, flow and light. I have designed a life, a reflection, of lightness and adventure. And I can help you do the same.
If you let me lead, then I can show you how to navigate your inner and outer landscape. Together we will look at your mirror cabinet and change everything that no longer nourishes you.

  • DARE2develop

    “After just 72 hours, the sleeping pills could be thrown out and I was asleep.”



What else?

My name is Christin Walter and I put words and knowledge on the energy so that it becomes tangible and easier to practice.

Health expert, existential Mentor, professional life enjoyer, life researcher and habit breaker. The aesthetically-expressive and holistic view of life has long been a basic sound in my life, as we humans are WHOLE and not piecemeal and parts.

The world is my playground. I enjoy it wildly and concentrate exclusively on growing, thriving and lifting - myself and through it others.

Inspiring self-insight, development and success is one of my biggest passions.


is greatest of all. And it begins with the love of ourselves. If we want to live a life based on flow and meaning, then we must first learn to love ourselves.

All of our challenges can be traced back to a lack of self-love. This also provides the foundation for whether there is joy and meaning in the work we perform and do every day




I am an adventurer and prefer to have a trip or two to look forward to. I will probably never finish exploring our beautiful planet and learning from other cultures. My many travels inspire and nourish me deeply, as well as increase my gratitude and appreciation of what I have.

The concept

Is knowledge-wise built up in deep understanding and combination of psychology, behavior therapy, what goes on in the unconscious intelligence and the energy of the body, such as the bio-, geo- and hydrosphere. It sounds complex; BUT the simplest is often the one that is most complex. In addition, however, it is easiest to learn and implement in everyday life, the company etc. at all levels and plans.

The focal point is the whole human being.

The whole person includes all three levels: the individual, the job / school and the relational (family, friends); that is, both identity and integrity.

As the concept starts with the individual; then clarified and possibly. first measure what the status is right now. Also at the energy level.

  • Energy; ”Are you full charged?”
    are you climbing? (with eg coffee, cigarettes, carbohydrates, sex, shopping, work…?)

  • Humans energy
    teaches people to understand how they can control their energy through the nervous system with simple tools and methods
    Do you have so much energy that you can share it?
    Do you want so much energy that you can lift yourself (and others) to new heights.

Where on the scale are you-> battery yellow to black

Imagine if you could save sleep up, just 14 days…

Our nervous system / ANS is the communication channel and the "controller"

– more security and more knowledge

We humans and energy

The human energy system is a network of receptors distributed throughout and throughout our body, which controls (some of) the functions of our most vital life, including i.a. our immune system, memory, appetite, sleep patterns, mood and pain sensitivity.

If we have a disturbance in the energy system, it is like having a disturbance in the nervous system. For this unique, molecular system is found in everything living with a nervous system.

"This energy" is signal substances that at the DNA level regulate the body's internal "household balance" = the energy system regulates our homeostasis / body balance.

Receptors (antennas) on our cells pick up the signals and ensure a constant supply of nutrients into the individual cell. The energy system thereby regulates eg the brain, immune system, blood sugar, the hormonal system, digestion, gastrointestinal system, skin, bones, lymphatic system, heat regulation, signal substances (eg serotonin) - ie:
the energy system thus regulates the whole system of the body and can ensure that the body is in balance.

Folkeskole in Aalborg: "Super insightful theme day about stress in the nervous system and on several levels, as well as with good and easy exercises. Which we can use individually, in creating strong teams and at child height. The review was easy to understand and inspired to want to know more As a taste. "

These tools and methods are recognized and i.a. used by the following companies and organizations around the world.




There are no side effects or the possibility of overdose, however, there are really good results with i.a.

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • sleep problems
  • Headache
  • muscle pain
  • mm.


ECS controls basic biological processes, including cell selection between survival and death and differentiation.
Not surprisingly, in the last two decades, ECS has been recognized as central / key mediators of several aspects of human pathophysiology and has thus proven to be among the most widespread and versatile signaling molecules ever discovered.
When we control these messengers, we can choose to strengthen our organs / systems, as they are plasticity.

Which is an important factor in connection and as a necessity to maintain brain, nerve structure and function in the whole human being.
The versatility that underlies the anatonomy of the human nervous system utilizes a "newly discovered" feature of neural conductions that provide the ability to form heteromers located at specific sites (pre-, post-, or perisynaptic), contributing to a unique neural functions. For we humans are plasticity.
And there are certain requirements for something to be described as an intelligence / brain.

- including there are hormones and how they are stimulated, how you can use them in the "fight" against stress, as this is where balance is quickly created in the system - and when there is calm in the nervous system, there is calm in the immune system etc… . which you can also use to increase your performance, reduce your sickness absence, etc.… consciousness controls and controls with understanding and knowledge of the biosphere, hydrosphere, etc.

By exercising and consciously using his breathing under great pressure / cold. (deep and calm) one can develop a very strong connection to his Autonomic nervous system; and including the other systems: the hormonal, cardiovascular, immune system etc.

Thereby, one can affect his immune system on purpose and achieve positive results, from increasing metabolism to keeping an agreement with oneself easier and easier.

With such an ability, one can manage, treat and prevent stress, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and depression etc., in a simple and very effective way.

Since the 90’s I have worked with people, first retarded, multi-handicapped children, as a nurse in different wards, where many different challenges and human sorrows, crises and problems have been met. Everything from saying goodbye to his 7-year-old son, to sending people for heart surgery (where they know the heart needs to be removed from the body and just fixed before it comes in again), to the message about the chronic diagnosis, identification of his 16-year-old friend , stabbing victims and sinners, etc.


This has given a lot of human knowledge, psychological / physiological / emotional and spiritual insight. I have always experienced this as my talent, my strength; to be able to be for people in these difficult existential situations and make them see and feel the light. I did not realize what it was I was doing until here after I got to know mBraining and neuroscience. Vupti, then all the pieces have fallen into place and my life purpose is quite clear and distinct!

In 2015 I became mBIT Coach, and also qualified as an mBIT Coach Trainer in Amsterdam. I have learned mBraining directly from the creators of mBIT, and therefore have a deep understanding of both the theory and the practical use of the techniques. Absolutely amazing!

Through mBraining, I got to know HeartMath, and as I like to understand the new hero in depth; I am a Certified HeartMath Pro * Coach in London.

In parallel, I am trained as a Life Mentor, Master in Energy Conscious Management, conflict mediator etc. In short, people, philosophy, psychology, ethics / morals, communication have always interested me and I am especially passionate about what happens at the intersection.
For you are aware of what happens when you become daily aware that the world is not as the world is, but as we each see it.

*Pro =  Health Care persons version.

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In order to give our customers the best opportunities to be able to solve all aspects of their challenges, we have a number of partners, which means that we can help you along the way, no matter what the challenge may be.

We have learned that together we create synergy and reach new heights. At the same time, it helps to keep our knowledge up to date and updated with the latest knowledge and research to prevent, cure and treat various physical and mental challenges and diseases.